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CW Veterans Club – 01.12.2022 Board Meeting

Call to Order:


Attendees – 

    J.A. Swartz, President

    Fred Bowman, V. P. 

    Bill Edmondson, Secretary

    Paul Beiger, Insurance

    Kim Koenig, Treasurer

    Robin Dickson

    Amy DeVillez


Tracy has had to resign from the Board due to health reasons.



Treasurer…brief report on deposits and expenses; financial assistance requests have been low recently…we are well funded at a little more than $30k balance.


Also discussed Hospice visitation program…still in progress but activity low.  One scheduled for this Friday.  No word on when training by NGHS will resume.


Dues for 2022 due 01.01.2022…$10


New Business:

Robin led discussion on planning Casino Night; date selected is April 15, 2022.  Still need confirmation on a couple of items…will CW Cooking Club handle food…sponsorship details…no formal announcement to be made until all details finalized.  Ticket sales will be March 21 thru April 1; we will handle like last year, sales taking place in the Clubhouse lobby by Vet volunteers.  We may limit ticket sales to 200, and plan to occupy only 2nd and 3rd floors of clubhouse…food and beverages on 3rd floor.


Hilton Head house rental to be raffled similar to last year…ticket sales in lobby February 21-25 by Vet volunteers; prices are $10 for one and $25 for 3.



Our next Board meeting will be February 9,2022 in the Savannah room at 1:00pm.  


Our next General meeting will be February 16,2022 in the Ballroom at 1:00pm.   Per last meeting, plans are to have a presentation from Habitat for Humanity, and how our club could get involved in the Gainesville area…no further discussion on this today.

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