The veterans organization was officially formed in 2013 here at Cresswind. 

The initial mission was three-fold:

1)  Serve Veterans and their families inside and outside of Cresswind by volunteering both time and resources. 

2)  Educate former service members regarding Veteran Administration benefit programs including medical and disability assistance available.

3)  Have fun presenting special events.  Enjoy each other's camaraderie. 

For some, this is the first time since as far back as the 1960's that they admitted they had served.

Our first major accomplishment was the erecting of an American flag and pole at the club house.  The unveiling ceremony took place on Veterans Day, 2014, featuring Congressman Doug Collins. Over 300 residents celebrated the event. This has been followed by many service projects including food and clothing drives, investment in the Veteran's Court program and the employment assistance program, to name a few.

 As the mission has expanded, adjustment have been made, and steps have been followed to become a 501(c)(3) charity. This process concluded in March, 2017. The Cresswind LL Veterans,Inc. members provide community service, receive donations and provide financial assistance through the Charity.