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If you are not currently authorized to shop in a PX (or BX), This is a new benefit you need to explore.

ALL veterans will soon be authorized  to shop online at any PX/BX store starting November 11th,2017.

Therefore, ALL veterans are being encouraged to take the first steps by confirming their eligibility It can be a multi-step process if the Defense Manpower Data Center lacks information to verify that a veteran served and received an honorable discharge.

First, all potentially eligible veterans must fill out a secure info form to check their eligibility. Once the information has been verified, an invitation to shop will be sent to each eligible veteran.

Veterans will then be able to shop through any one of the four exchange service portals: 

Army & Air Force Exchange ServiceNavy ExchangesMarine Corps stores, and Coast Guard exchanges.


By early July 2017, 90,000 veterans had attempted to register for eligibility to shop online. Twelve percent of them were accepted and provided invitations to shop immediately.

"AAFES was monitoring shopping patterns to ensure its online portal and distribution system are ready for waves of new shoppers this fall"; said Ana Middleton, president and chief merchandising officer for AAFES. Further;

"AAFES is expanding the bandwidth of the  website capacity to allow for up to 30,000 simultaneous shoppers at any given time. A lot of shoppers “would have to be signing on at that exact same millisecond to stress it out. So yes, I feel that we are sized appropriately.”

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