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Assistance with Bicycle and Extended Stay


Robin Dickson (pictured left) is one of our board members. He delivered the bicycle to the veteran staying at a local motel. 

Sometimes kindness and a little help is all we can do for a person.


When we found out about a 73-year-old male Veteran who's been homeless for a little over a year and half, we were able to help. He'd been married for 40+ years. Then things changed in the worst way for him. His marriage ended in a divorce almost two years ago and his health started to decline soon after. He had multiple surgeries, and then he became homeless. Around Christmas 2022, he had another surgery to remove part of his large intestine, and he needed a place to stay for recovery and to heal properly. His sister could only help him with a temporary stay at a motel, so we stepped in to help. With your support and donations, we were able to extend his stay for seven more days at the same motel. We also provided him with a bicycle, so he can go to his follow-up doctor appointments.


It’s What We Do.

Many Veterans, for reasons beyond their control, are without a method of personal transportation, however, many are able to link with the city bus routes if they have a bicycle. Most of the city/county buses have bike racks on the front. 

Our team collects donated bikes, repairs them, adding accessories like lights and tire pumps for the Veteran's safety. We have an experienced cycle repairmen who volunteers his time to provide this needed support. The bikes are subsequently distributed with assistance from our Veteran partners.


If this service area speaks to you, contact Mario Russo.


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