CW Veterans Club – 05.13.2022 Board Meeting


Call To Order:

Attendees –

Amy DeVillez, President

Kim Koenig, Treasurer

Bill Edmondson

Robert Clewell

Robin Dickson

J.A. Swartz

Absent: Paul Beiger, Fred Bowman


Treasurer…brief report on deposits and expenses; bank balance at $36,574.

Casino night will be limited to 200 people attending, although may expand with sufficient ticket sales. Sponsorship levels—

Titanium at $3000.00

Platinum at $2000.00

Gold at $1000.00

Silver at $500.00

Bronze at $250.00

Deadline for sponsorship sign-ups is August 5; ticket sales will begin August 8. Message in daily updates and email to members next week will seek 2 more volunteers to help Ernie and Gary. Will also be looking for volunteers to help with “finger-foods” to be served during Casino Night.

New Business:

Corrections to our website continue, and Bob Ruhala is helping Kay…we are still seeking 1 volunteer with time and experience to help as webmaster.

Our Habitat build scheduled for May has been rescheduled to June 4; more volunteers are being sought.

Another project discussed was working with CW Community Fund helping an elderly veteran couple build a ramp to their front porch; Jay will discuss with Home Depot and advise.

Lastly, Waterfall publishing due date is June 1…any articles need to be submitted by then. At present, I have no materials or stories to submit. If anyone knows of potentials, please let me know. Also, any ads for Casino sponsors will be due June 1 to be published in the next release July/August edition…Gene Bramblett, Gary. and Ernie have been notified.


Our next Board meeting will be June 10, 2022 in the Savannah room at 10:00am.

Our next General meeting will be July 20, 2022 in the Ballroom at 6:30pm, and our guest speaker will be Dr. Stanley…an urologist with NGHS. We will be seeking questions from our members prior to the meeting so Dr Stanley can prepare.