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CW Veterans Club – 07.08.2022 Board Meeting


Call To Order:

Attendees –

            Amy DeVillez, President (by phone)

            Kim Koenig, Treasurer

            Bill Edmondson

            Robert Clewell

            Robin Dickson

            J.A. Swartz

           Paul Beiger

           Fred Bowman



Treasurer…brief report on deposits and expenses; bank balance at $37,538; this week’s deposit of donations at $2350.


Casino night will be limited to 200 people attending, although may expand (250) with sufficient ticket sales. 

     Sponsorship committee members becoming more active; Deadline for sponsorship sign-ups is August 5; ticket sales will begin August 8. 

     Volunteer sign-up sheets will be available at general meeting on 7.20; positions include kitchen, bar, lobby table, and door (checking wrist bands).


New Business:

Corrections to our website continue, making it more organized and functional…easier to use.  May be complete within 3-4 weeks.


Another project discussed was working with CW Community Fund helping an elderly veteran couple build a ramp to their front porch; Jay will discuss with Home Depot and advise.  Due to size and length (45’) of ramp required, we are still waiting on feedback from HD.


Our club will be holding a recognition service for some 20 veterans who served in Vietnam; Patricia Ross (VA) will attend and recognize these individuals at 1:00pm on Thurs Sept 1 in the Crow’s Nest.


New member Mary George has stepped up to help vetting new referrals and is doing an excellent job.




Our next Board meeting will be August 12, 2022 in the Savannah room at 10:00am.


Our next General meeting will be July 20, 2022 in the Ballroom at 6:30pm, and our guest speaker will be Dr. Stanley…an urologist with NGHS.  We will be seeking questions from our members prior to the meeting so Dr Stanley can prepare.

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