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CW Veterans Club – 11.11.2022 Board Meeting

Board meeting was held in the Savannah Room. Jay and Bill were not in attendance.

The coat drive held from November1 through November 4 was a success. A lot of clothing and business attire were collected and distributed to several needy agencies.A new item requested was for CD's as well as clothing.

The Veterans appreciation dinner is set for December 1, 2022 starting at 5:30pm. Right now we have 105 people signed up. Amy is working with a cooking group to prepare meals. A motion was made to purchase additional food items. We have funds available from money set aside from the casino event. The local Band Joy Ride will perform. We will have drawings for 6 gift cards to give out to our attending members

Secretary will send out an email to all members requesting assistance for setup. This will take place at 3:00pm on November 30th. Table setup will be for 8 per table.


New Business:   

Fred Bowmen is leaving the board, along with Bill Edmundson, Paul Berger, and Kim Koenig. Fred is moving away from Cresswind and the rest are finishing up their terms of office.


Amy discussed her participation in an organization called Helping Hall, made up of various 501(3)(c) charities. Presentations are presented and members vote on who gave the best presentation. Amy won $3k in donations.

Discussed two different time shares as future fund raising events. Discussed having a raffle drawing for gift cards at each general meeting. The purpose is to try and draw more participation at general meetings. Other Cresswind clubs do this and seem to have success.

Brain Olson, a current HOA board member, has a leather jack given to him for his work on the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers. He is donating it to us to be used for future fundraiser.

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