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Year Round Program


Our Veterans are supporting mentors within the Hall County Superior Court, a felony court.  Once assigned to an individual violator, Veterans provide valuable guidance aimed at keeping the veteran out of jail. During an intense  program, the violators undergo a multi-year, in-depth treatment plan with the counsel of the mentor.  

To qualify for the program, each individual must remain drug free, be wage earning, and capable of financing their housing and basic living needs. 

The program's exceedingly high success rate (and low recidivation) is often attributable to the support of mentors. 

Veterans support this program through both their time and financial resources. 

INFO: contact Ron Micuch:

                " I just want to thank you and

                  all the guys in the Cresswood

                  (sic) Veterans.  You guys are

                  doing a great service for your

                  fellow veterans and it is 

                  greatly appreciated."


To volunteer, fill in the form below:

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