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Hospice for Veterans - Volunteers

Cresswind Veterans Club members volunteer for our Hospice program. We hold this opportunity to give back to our Veterans in hospice as an honor, near & dear to our hearts. At our April 18th general meeting, Karen Golden from NGHS Hospice presented as our guest speaker. Our members had the chance to view the Branch of Service Blankets, Certificate and Challenge Coin presented to the Hospice patients our Team visits. 

We are in critical need of more volunteers in our year-round Hospice program. Our club President, Amy, is now volunteering. We need more volunteers to take part to reach the large number of Veterans Training is required to become a certified Hospital Volunteer.

During a ceremonial visitation, the veteran is presented with a blanket from the branch of service, a medal of recognition, and a certificate thanking the Veteran for the service provided to our nation.   

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