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Cresswind LL Veterans Inc


The efforts of many of the charity's volunteers resulted in a fantastic evening at Casino Night as over 300 residents played at dozens of gaming tables with thousands of play dollars for prize tickets to over two dozen prizes worth thousands of dollars (on average, between $200 and $300 each).  Thanks to the endless hours of volunteers soliciting money, prizes, and food, residents were able to enjoy benefits that would have cost them almost three times the value of their entry donation.   The event was excellent.  Residents were extremely praiseworthy.  The best part was that, with a special event, local businesses sponsored tables and provided significant funding for the charity's mission to help the needy and homeless in the greater Hall County with emphasis on Veterans and their families.


Our ninth semi-annual Food Drive will be conducted on Monday, October 8th and Wednesday,  October 10th.  On Monday we will deliver empty grocery sacks.  On Wednesday we will pick them up.  We prefer food in non-rat eatable containers since the products are stored in a warehouse.


The next Quarterly meeting is Thursday, October 18th at 7 PM in the Ballroom.  The presentation will be by the local college right here on Mundy Mill  - the University of North Georgia Gainesville.  There are almost 300 veterans enrolled there and many of them could use support in various ways from resume writing to bicycles to just plain old advice from some "old timer."  A Casino Night update will be included in the business meeting.  Hope to see you there!


Membership is open to all Cresswind residents.

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