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Minutes of Meeting                      

Veterans Support Club

Oct 17th, 2019


Our third quarterly meeting of the year began at 7pm. in the ballroom where Roy Gogel welcomed those in attendance to include three new members. 




Business Meeting


Roy began the meeting by asking for a motion to approve the July of 2019 minutes. A motion was made and accepted. Kim Koenig presented the treasurers report that was further explained by Roy to include mentioning the $ 400.00 donation made back to the charity from the guest who was one of our 50/50 winners at out Summer Concert. Our balance as of the night of this meeting was

 $ 20,053.41.


Roy addressed the members outlining our mission in general while offering specific examples of how members can get involved. He touched on Hospice, Veterans Court, Employment Consuling , and Helping Others to name a few. Dick Osborne who heads up our efforts on Helping Others provided an overview of what is involved and how you can get involved if interested. He also outlined a new avenue for us to consider by working with and through ITN Lanier. These discussions are in progress and Dick will report back to the board when more detailed information is available. In general it was the view of those in attendance that this would be a good program for our charity to be involved with. Roy followed up Dick’s comments by stressing that our main focus is now and will continue to be touching one life at a time, primarily helping needy veterans in the greater Hall County area. 


As a follow up to a previous request, Roy again asked for a show of hands of those who would be interested in going for an outing to a shooting range that has offered to provide our club with a substantial discount. A initial show of hands came to at or about 15 members. If interested and for more details please contact Paul Beiger, one of our board members. 


Next up was a reminder about our Fall Coat Drive headed up by Dave Dittmeier. Dave couldn’t make the meeting but asked for a few volunteers to assist. Several members volunteered. 

Our Veterans Holiday Party will be held on Thursday, December 12th at 7pm. in the ballroom. There will a 21piece band for your dancing and listening pleasure. Gentlemen are being asked to wear a sports jacket. 

The Charity will be holding board elections in January. There are a couple of openings on the board so if you are interested in serving please contact one of our current board members. 


Our Casino Night fundraiser for next year will be held on February 22nd. from 6pm to 9:30 pm in the clubhouse. Kathy & John Murdock have graciously agreed to head up this effort. We are increasing our maximum number of guests this year to 400 from 300 at out last event. Several modifications have been made to lesson the workload from our last Casino Night however we are still in need of more volunteers. Please reach out to John or Kathy if you are willing to help. Many hands make light labor and this will your opportunity to help raise the funds necessary to help those in need for 2020 & beyond. 






Meeting adjourned 8:30 PM         


Pat Criste, Secretary   

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