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CW Veterans Club – 10.14.2022 Board Meeting


Call To Order:

Attendees –

            Amy DeVillez, President

            Bill Edmondson

            Robin Dickson

            Paul Beiger

Absent –        

           J.A. Swartz

           Fred Bowman, VP

           Kim Koenig, Treasurer



Treasury reported about $50k on hand; Casino Night netted about $19k.


Progress continues on our web page…thank you Bob and Beverley.


New Business:

Coat Drive will be held November 1-4.  Items needed have been listed in updates last week, and again with additions in this week’s updates. We do need a couple of volunteers each afternoon during that week (Nov 1-4) to help pack up clothing received each day.  This should be discussed at next general meeting to solicit volunteers, and if needed will be addressed again in an email to be sent to members week of Oct 24. Volunteers able to help each afternoon should contact Dave Dittmeier.


Brief discussion about donations received from NGHS…current considerations may lead to increased contributions.

December 1 “Thank You Party” will be held on that Thursday around 5:30pm…will be only for club members and their spouses, and invitations will be sent only to members via email next week asking for each to RSVP by email to Amy no later than November 17th (each rsvp requested to include the name of 1-2 coming).  Attendance will be limited to about 100, or perhaps slightly more.  Evening will include social, dinner, and live music…in the Clubhouse Ballroom.



Our next Board meeting will be November 11, 2022 in the Savannah room at 10:00am (Veterans’ Day).  Afterwards, there will be a memorial ceremony at the flagpole in front, followed by lunch provided by HOA and CW Cooking Club.


Our next General meeting will be the party on December 1, 2022 in the Ballroom at 5:30pm.


As we approach our last events of the year, we need to consider and recruit additional members to serve on the Board…we are currently 1 position vacant, and have heard from 2-3 others that they will likely step down at the end of the year.

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