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Touching One Life at a Time

Referrals for assistance are verified and then forwarded from numerous organizations county-wide such as the Veterans Administration, local clergy, state veterans services, state employment counselors, community charities, county officials and others.  Once vetted internally by the charity's Board of officers, supportive donations are made directly to individuals based on their needs. Additionally, the Charity continues support for the individuals through a variety of Veteran and community organizations.  We are truly privileged to have become a part of the local effort to provide support, "Touching One Life at a Time", responding to the needy and homeless with an emphasis - but not exclusively - to Veterans and their families.  Below are sample photographs of our outreach program:

Charity provided new clothes for new job.

Charity furnished a three story townhouse for veteran and her children.

Kim delivering a 7 ft Christmas tree to a veteran and her family.

Charity provided check to cover rent for one month

Charity contracted a AC service company to repair heating system for a veteran and his family.

Charity delivering a housing assistance check.

If you wish to volunteer contact Amy Devillez.

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