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It's What We Do - Veteran Assistance 

It's Assistance with Help from our Board Members

Helping Veterans in need in Hall County In the last three weeks, Veterans Club helped 3 Veterans in need in Hall County with rent, car payment, car insurance, and storage payment. Just to give everyone an idea what our Veterans are going through. Veteran #1: Has major health issues (at least 6 seizures daily and heart problem). He was falling behind on rent. He even stopped having coffee at home to save money. Very sad situation! We helped him with 3 months of rent. Veteran #2: Falling behind on part of March rent, everything got so expensive. We helped with March, April and May rent, to include 2 months of car insurance. Veteran #3: Homeless and living in his truck. He was falling behind 8 weeks of truck payments and storage payment. We helped with 11 weeks of truck payment and 2 months of storage payment. Bottom line, so many Veterans are struggling daily. We need to remind ourselves we can only do so much and we are touching one life at a time. By the way, I would like to give a shout to one of our board members, Rosemarie Bower. A few weeks ago, we helped a Veteran who was staying in his car after work, to save gas, so he can go home to his family during the weekend. Not to mention, his car battery was dead. Anyway, we helped with a new car battery, got him one year AAA coverage (this includes road side service), and a $400 gift card for fuel, so he can come home to his family. We couldn’t get AAA to go out to where this Veteran was at the time asap. So what did Rosemarie do? She waited for her son to finish work that day, she and her son went out to replace the battery for this Veteran, this Veteran was so grateful he that he could go home to see his wife and children that day. Thank you Rosemarie and also to your son! See Pictures Below.


It’s what we do!

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