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It's What We Do - Assistance with Housing

The Cresswind LL Veterans charity has one primary objective – to provide assistance to worthy Gainesville area veterans and their families in need.


Here are two recent examples:

A Marine was so seriously injured during Basic Training that he had to be medically discharged. Homeless, he moved around, living in cars or with friends or relatives for brief times.  He now lives with his fiancé and young daughter, staying home to care for her while his fiancé worked at a low paying job. The Cresswind LL Veterans provided him with the first month’s rent for an apartment, so he and his family can finally have a roof over their heads.


An Air Force veteran of less than two years, she and her husband suffered a series of unfortunate events. This exhausted all their savings, including them not being able to make their current mortgage payment. With financial assistance from the Cresswind LL Veterans, they were able to fully catch up on their mortgage, allowing them to stay in their home and move ahead with their lives.


It’s what we do!

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