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 It’s What We Do:     

                                                                                                                         FOOD AND RENT ASSISTANCE -


Douglas was a combat serving to deployments in Iraq.  After coming home and moving with his family from Florida to the Gainesville area, he continued to suffer from severe depression, even attempting suicide several times.  After his children found him the last time, he finally accepted help from the VA and has been under in-patient treatment at their Decatur hospital since August.

His wife Julie was working and rented an inexpensive apartment with only one bedroom for them and their three children.  She thought he was also working every day, but actually he would just leave and sit somewhere until it was time to go home.  He also was not paying the monthly bills Julie thought he was, causing them to go into financial arrears.

At our Cresswind Veterans last quarterly meeting, Julie came and told all the attendees about her family’s difficulties, after sharing with our leadership earlier.  Our charity then provided her with $1,000 for two months rent plus a gift card with $300 for groceries.  Several Veteran attendees were so moved they even donated their door prize gift cards to her.

Helping Hall County area Veterans and their families in need.  It’s what we do!

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