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Walter, a Veteran living in the greater Gainesville area, needed help financially. Working until he was almost 81, he barely got by but always paid his bills. With a total income of $1,200 a month, he managed to live on about $1,100, leaving very little for surprise expenses or emergencies.

Then he fell, hurting himself so much that he could no longer work. Currently, he is 82 years old and is still on his wheelchair. He goes to multiple food banks for food to survive. He uses his credit card for medical expenses, but is falling further and further behind in paying it off.

The Cresswind Veterans charity found out about him and stepped up to help! We provided him $1,000 to pay his rent for two months! This should help considerably for him to get back on his feet.

Assisting area Veterans and their families in need; it’s what we do!

It’s What We Do: Financial Assistance for Veterans in Need

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