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It's What We Do - Assistance with Automotive Repair

First of all - It's Assistance with Help from our Friends!

Garett at Gainesville Auto Fitness has been a great friend and supporter of the Cresswind LL Veterans charity for years. Garett recently came through again, to help us help a Gainesville homeless veteran! 


We have been trying to help a veteran since Christmas, by paying to fix her barely working car, so she can continue to drive to work. For whatever reason, maybe pride, she has been reluctant to accept help. So surprisingly she called right at the end of January, to ask again for our assistance. We then called Garett to see if he could help. He immediately offered to repair her car, charging nothing for the labor and only the wholesale cost of the parts! She was an hour late for her appointment when we called her again, telling her we could no longer help her if she wouldn’t help herself! Tough love… It worked – she was at Auto Fitness within 20 minutes.


Garett called to tell us her car needed so much work and it is a safety concern: the doors would not even open, the driver window could not be rolled up or down, and she had to crawl out the passenger window to enter and exit her car, and the lights didn't work. There were also switches and wires that needed to be replaced. Garett agreed to fix everything needed, including replacing the doors, so she could keep her job. What a kind thing to do! It’s great friends like Garett that allow us to accomplish our mission – helping deserving Hall County veterans and their families live a better life, to thank them for what they sacrificed for all of us.


It’s what we do!

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